General Information About Your Kidneys

The kidneys act as the body’s filtering system and remove waste materials that collect in the blood. Sometimes, however, things go wrong and the kidneys may not function normally. This is usually detected by a simple urine or blood test. Usually, there are no symptoms until the very late stages. Those with diabetes and hypertension should especially be concerned about their kidney functions.

Nephrologists are physicians specializing in the evaluation and treatment of kidney diseases. First, they determine the reason for abnormal kidney function. They then prescribe treatment based on the diagnosis. Some of the common diseases treated by nephrologists include diabetic kidney disease, hypertensive kidney disease, abnormal protein spillage in urine, kidney stones, polycystic kidney disease and difficult to control hypertension.

In some instances, kidney disease can be quite severe and may require dialysis or kidney transplantation. Our nephrologists pioneered hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis in Dayton. We provide individualized, compassionate and comprehensive care to those who suffer with kidney disease and hypertension. For more information about KIDNEY DISEASE, please visit the